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Caddie & Leadership Academy

Loop. Learn. Lead.

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Our Mission

To provide the youth of Baltimore with caddie training, leadership development, and life skills. Our program offers participants the opportunity to build valuable relationships and experience activities that will benefit their futures.

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Walk with a Purpose

Our vision is to create an equitable and inclusive community, built on relationships between Baltimore’s youth and golf club members.

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Our Story

What is The Loop?

In the golf world a “loop” is a round of golf worked by a caddie or “looper”. Our name “The Loop” derives from this terminology and the symbolism of the infinity loop (∞). We serve two distinct communities in Baltimore: inner-city youth and golf club members, two groups of people that rarely interact. We believe that by uniting these groups of people, we can bridge the gap that was created during Baltimore’s inception. This union of differing cultures is a unique opportunity for loopers and golfers to build a relationship that likely wouldn’t have existed. Being a caddie is an extraordinary summer job for the youth to spend extended periods of time with people that can inherently change the course of their life. Our hope is that our local golf club members will establish a tradition of mentoring our youth and loop them into their circle of success.

Home: About
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